Runways at Corona Airport remain underwater

CORONA, Calif. The only bit of good news was that the water level started to recede for the first time on Friday morning.

All of the airplanes have been moved to higher grounds, so they haven't been damaged, but the same can't be said of the storage hangars.

There were several feet of water around the hangars. Some people took boats to get out there, but officials said that no one was supposed to be out there.

There is still about 15 feet of water on the runway, and officials said they just have to wait until the water level drops before they can begin the recertification process of the runway.

The Corona Airport closed at noon and will not reopen until Monday for pilots to check on their planes, but it is unknown when planes will be able to fly out of the airport again. It could be days or it could be more than a week.

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