'Octomom' faces eviction from OC home again

LOS ANGELES The owner of her La Habra home says he is evicting the family because Suleman and her attorney Jeff Czech have not come up with a long overdue mortgage payment of $450,000.

However, if they pay him by year's end, the landlord says he will stop the proceedings.

Amer Haddadin says he served Suleman with papers on Dec. 2 and still no one has spoken to him. In April, Haddadin granted a 6-month extension on the remaining balance, and says that as a Jordanian, he took pity on a fellow Arab in a tough spot.

Suleman and her 14 children have lived in the four-bedroom house for nearly two years. Suleman's father bought the home for $565,000, including a $130,000 down payment.

Czech says Suleman has been making $4,000 payments every month.

In September, she held a highly publicized yard sale to raise money to keep her house by selling such items as an autographed bikini, but the sale only raised $2,600.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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