Woman sues lotto pool for not sharing $16M

THE VILLAGES, Fla. For years, eight employees at a Central Florida country club golf shop have pooled their dollars each week to play the lotto. But recently, one of them was not at work to put in her dollar.

That week, the group hit the winning ticket for $16 million and they did not give her a share.

She says people would routinely throw in a dollar for other people if they were not there, so she sued.

"I guess the attorneys will all figure it out by the time they get done with it," said Bob Thomas, a country club golfer. "They'll probably get a cut, too. That's normally about 30 percent."

As it stands now, a judge says the other seven can each collect 1/8 of the jackpot. The final eighth will go into a trust until it's decided whether the woman should get it or not.

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