Sales way up over holiday shopping season

LOS ANGELES It's as if no one wants the holiday shopping season to end. Consumers are still at the mall spending their money.

Eventually shoppers will take a break

"It's never over I mean we have a, we have three girls so it's never going to be over for us," said Downey resident Aaron Resendez.

Maybe not for him, but even so retailers couldn't be happier with the strong sales they had before Christmas. Overall sales beat expectations, rising 5.5 percent over the same period last year, to more than $584.3 billion.

"Our sales are trending and have been trending up over 10 percent, and we think we are going to end that, plus," said Citadel Outlets General Manager Susan Jennrich. "It's been a good holiday."

While store sales were brisk, online sales really spiked, increasing 15.4 percent year over year to more than $1 billion.

The snow storm on the East Coast could account for some of that as shoppers try to stay warm.

In Southern California, it rained all week before Christmas, but that didn't stop or even slow down shoppers. The good sales prices might be part of the reason for that.

Amazon dropped the price of the Kindle e-book reader and they reported it was the best-selling product in Amazon's 15 years in business.

Unfortunately better retail sales don't translate into a better economy. That's because we still have high unemployment and most of the jobs over the holidays were temporary.

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