CHP runs escorts in icy, windy Tejon Pass

GORMAN, Calif. Along with the snow flurries and freezing rain, powerful wind gusts were tearing through the Tejon Pass.

The California Highway Patrol was escorting drivers in groups. Drivers of high-profile vehicles were forced to deal with 50 to 80 mile per hour cross winds. Everyone was dealing with reduced visibility.

In Gorman, the snow started falling about 8:30 p.m. as the temperatures dipped into the 20s. Drivers will be dealing with icy roads well into Thursday.

Earlier in the day, Frazier Park received snow flurries, but it was only in the higher elevations.

The storm was also expected to bring strong, gusty winds, up to 70 mph in mountain areas, which may bring problems for high-profile vehicles like big rigs and motor homes.

"I hate traveling this time of year. Thank God I'm not flying, flying's the worst," said Doug McKeag of Eureka.

The rest of the Southland dealt with consistent rain all morning, which started coming down at about 2 a.m. The storm moved through the area quickly.

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