Which frozen pizza tastes the best?

LOS ANGELES /*Consumer Reports*/ tested 16 frozen cheese pizzas from names like DiGiorno, Tombstone, and Kashi. To find the best, Consumer Reports' sensory panelists tasted more than 800 slices.

"A great-tasting pizza should have a crust that tastes fresh baked, flavorful cheese, and a sauce with fresh-tasting spices," said Consumer Reports' Ellen Klosz.

And while pizza isn't exactly diet food, it turns out some are more nutritional than others. Among the worst are Red Baron Fire Baked Thin Crust 5-Cheese and Totino's Crisp Crust Triple Cheese Pizza. And the Totino's was the lowest rated for taste, too.

But it turns out none of the pizzas rated excellent. Still, many did rate very good.

Amy's Cornmeal Crust Three Cheese Pizza, which costs about $8, was the tastiest among testers and also rated good for nutrition. With goat cheese and a cornmeal crust, it's not the most traditional pizza.

"Testers said it was a nice change from the same old cheese pizza," said Klosz.

For a bit less money and a bit more pizza, Consumer Reports recommends DiGiorno's Rising Crust Pizza Four Cheese for about $6.50. It's a more traditional cheese pizza with a chewy Italian-style crust, flavorful cheese, and plenty of sauce.

Consumer Reports says the Chicago "Deep Dish" Home Run Inn Classic Cheese Pizza and Target's Archer Farms Four Cheese Handmade Wood Fired Pizza are also worth a try.

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