Jeweler loses nearly $400K on weather bet

WILMINGTON, N.C. The owner of Perry's Emporium in Wilmington ran a promotion: Customers who bought jewelry at his store between Nov. 26 and Dec.11 would get refunds if it snowed more than three inches in Asheville, North Carolina on Christmas Day.

It snowed a record six and a half inches.

One customer who purchased a pair of diamond earrings and pearl earrings for his wife is very happy.

"For us, it's only going to be about $150. But, with my family of five, $150 goes a long way. So getting $150 back will be really nice," said customer Eric Kelley.

"We've had hundreds come in after the 22nd, the 23rd of December like, 'Can we get in on the weather promotion?' Like, 'No, it stopped on December the 11th.' So they couldn't get in, they were all wishing they could get into it. Of course, everybody wants to be in after the fact. So we're going to see if we can do a second chance promotion for them for Valentine's Day," said Alan Perry, Perry's Emporium Owner.

An insurance policy will cover the refunds, which will be issued in February just in time for /*Valentine's Day*/.

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