'Cool Kid' says martial arts teach confidence

LOS ANGELES "When I was five years old, I saw my first Bruce Lee movie, and ever since then I've loved martial arts," said Dana. "It was always something I wanted to do."

Dana has been giving instruction to aspiring athletes who want to win. When he sees them succeed, he gets his reward.

"Makes me feel great just to know I can do that to one person," said Dana. "Makes me think I can pass that on to many other people."

Beyond the kicks, blocks and punches they learn for competitions, Dana wants his students to learn lessons they will use in life.

"Always remain confident about yourself, never give up in what you're doing," said Dana. "That's probably the biggest one, to always stand up for yourself."

Dana has a houseful of awards for one style of fighting. But he has his sights set on more.

"There are other martial arts that I do want to learn. I was planning maybe when I make my third degree black belt, I could move on to a different martial art," said Dana.

Showing strength and grace in his sport -- as well as in life -- makes Dana Cole Jr. a Cool Kid.

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