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'Rockin Model Workout' gets you runway ready

January 3, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
A new year may have you looking forward to a new you. See a new workout that adds flare to fitness and could get you runway ready.If you want your workout to be more fun and creative, the Rockin' Model Workout might just be the ticket.

"Every woman is a 'rockin' model.' We all want to feel good in our body. So you don't have to be a model to do this workout," said Grace Lazenby, creator of Rockin' Model Workout.

"They're moms, they're actresses, they're real estate agents, whatever. They've got real jobs they've got real lives," Lazenby described her fitness students.

But like most women, they want better bodies and this is a fun way to do just that.

"It's yoga, ballet barre and a dash of burlesque," described Lazenby.

This workout has a lot of style and it's got a lot of sass, but once you get past the fluff what you've really got is a solid interval workout that incorporates yoga moves with body work that really tweaks those muscles.

"I use the yoga to open up the muscle and heat it up. Then, you go in and to all the standing ballet barre work," explained Lazenby.

Shown in three different levels, Lazenby then takes it back to yoga to stretch and lengthen muscles, then on to what she calls, "detailing."

"Detailing is going in there and hitting those little tiny muscles that are going to lift your glutes up without building them," Lazenby said.

The workout uses your own body weight with core training that is delivered by loads of reps that take the body to near failure - but that's a good thing.

"Very strong and lengthened like a model and like a dancer actually. I feel like it's a dancers workout as well," described Rockin Model Workout student and actress Maitland Ward.

Ward has taken Lazenby's class for 10 years and loves what it's doing for her body.

"It's really fun and it's always different and now that I have the DVD, I can take it to travel with," Ward said.

Lazenby teaches at Equinox in Santa Monica, but the DVD is available on Amazon for $24.95.

No real equipment is needed but if you've got a broom or something to balance with and maybe a fedora, you can rock that workout in style.