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Cool Kids get a kick out of helping others

January 6, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
Alex Murray and Connor Morrill are lifelong friends and athletes who founded the Just for Kicks Club at Corona Del Mar High School. The idea sprung from a simple household chore."[We were] cleaning out the garage and we saw all this sports equipment and we said, 'hey, people want this.' So, we decided -- since I've been friends with Alex for such a long time -- we decided to make the club together," said Connor.

The people they found are underprivileged children in Rojo Gomez, a small town near Tijuana, Mexico. More than just sending clothing and equipment, Morrill and Murray wanted to meet these young ones.

"When we actually went down there and just gave them one shirt and just seeing their faces light up, it was just fantastic," said Murray.

Living in Southern California has actually given Murray and Morrill a unique perspective on the kids they met.

"They barely have anything. Their houses are made of scrap metal. It makes me feel I'm so thankful for having this life. But it also makes me want to help them more," said Morrill.

These two have started a great thing and they want to make sure it continues. So, they started Just for Kicks clubs at other California schools.

"I think some of the students that are starting them there are younger, so then they can keep it going at their schools and pass it down. And then when we graduate, we will pass it down," said Morrill.

Murray and Morrill have a love of sports and a passion for giving -- that makes them our Cool Kids.