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OTRC: 10 things you didn't know about RuPaul

Drag Diva RuPaul dishes on 10 things most people would never know about him.

Ten things you don't know about drag diva RuPaul:

1. RuPaul doesn't dress up for Halloween.

2. RuPaul dreams about wearing vintage Valentino on the Oscar red carpet.

3. RuPaul is an introvert, until he gets in drag.

4. RuPaul wants Elton John to be a celebrity judge on RuPaul's Drag Race.

5. RuPaul thinks the South breeds the best drag queens.

6. RuPaul just started watching Glee.

7. RuPaul wants a line of beauty products.

8. RuPaul does not consider himself a gay icon.

9. RuPaul loves Brazil.

10. RuPaul did not have a heart attack.

RuPaul stopped by On The Red Carpet to talk up season three of his reality show RuPaul's Drag Race. While he was here, we uncovered ten things we didn't know about the drag superstar.

First, RuPaul does not dress up for Halloween, telling us, "I never dress up for Halloween. I don't think I have ever dressed up for Halloween. I think it's amateur night and the energy that night really frightens me because the mixture of alcohol and fashion fair cosmetics really makes people crazy."

Second: If RuPaul got invited to the Academy Awards he already knows what he wants to wear. "If I showed up at the Oscars in drag, I would so pump Valentino, but it would have to be vintage Valentino because I liked it when he did it. In fact, in my opinion, no one can touch Valentino. He's the best there is. Now, if I couldn't get vintage Valentino, someone who is happening now who I think is the bee's knees would be Galliano. He's the heir apparent to Valentino."

Believe it or not, RuPaul considered himself an introvert, adding that "in my career I've always said that I'm an introvert masquerading as an extrovert. So I get to be an extrovert when I'm in drag."

This season we are going to see Vanessa Williams and LaToya Jackson as celebrity judges on RuPaul's Drag Race. The one celebrity judge we're not going to see is Elton John. RuPaul told us why, "The celebrity judges are always exciting because they are fans of the show. They are people who really want to do it. Elton John is really, probably our biggest celebrity fan of the show, but he couldn't do it this time. A lot of times they are fans, but the scheduling doesn't work out."

When it comes to drag queens, RuPaul thinks the South has a leg up on the competition. RuPaul says, "The best drag queens in America always come from the southeastern part of the country. I don't know if it's because of the Bible belt. There is something about the South that breeds great drag queens. Texas is great. Florida definitely keeps the tradition going, especially Pensacola and Tampa is a hotbed for foxy drag queens."

RuPaul just started watching Glee. "I'm probably the last on earth to have watched an episode, and last week I bought two episodes on iTunes. It was awesome. I thought I wouldn't like it because contrary to popular belief, I not really a music theater person, even though I did it in high school and stuff. I could take it or leave it and that's what kept me from it all this time, but I love it. I would love to see an episode of drag or drag race on Glee. It would be fabulous."

He already produced several albums, two books and has two hit reality shows (RuPaul's Drag Race and Drag U), but RuPaul has a dream of rolling out a line of beauty products. "I would love to have a line of products that help people find the glamorous side of themselves. I'd love a line of products in your local drug store or super store. Whether its wig products or sexy shoes for women with big feet. Women write to me all the time about hair and clothes and undergarments, fixins', touch up things here and there. I'd like to supply that. The secret that every drag queen knows that even real woman should know. That's what I'd like to supply."

Despite what you may think, RuPaul does not consider himself a gay icon. "That's for someone else to consider me that. I consider myself someone who enjoys life. I love to laugh. I love to dance. It's my job to know I have a choice in the matter of how I see things. Whether I see the glass half full or half empty. That's where my part comes in. As an icon? I probably am. That's none of my business. What other people think of me is none of my business." He adds, "I love that people enjoy what I do. That is such a blessing. I am such a fortunate fortunate person and I'm so grateful for all the gifts I've been given. I love that if people can get off on what I'm doing and it enriches their live, then right on, but that is not the impetus for why I do it. I do it because I love colors and laughter and dancing, music and creating things. And I would do that if people dug it or not. In fact, I became famous in 1993 but I had been doing this stuff for eleven years before that happened, and had I not gotten famous, I'd still do it because I love it."

RuPaul has traveled all around the world, but he has two favorite places. In a very good Australian accent he told us, "Australia mate. I've lived with an Australian for about eighteen years now and I love it, I do. Brazil is great. I don't do a Brazilian accent but Brazil is beautiful. The people are sensuous, even the people who don't have money. It doesn't feel desperate there because they have sensuality. They have the samba. It's just exquisite."

And finally, you may have seen the online reports that RuPaul had a heart attack, but they are NOT true. Ru set the record straight, "They got it a little bit wrong. I didn't have a heart attack. I actually had a fart attack. I had a strawberry Yoo-Hoo and a chili cheese dog and it just blew my mind, and everyone else's too." Laughing, he added, "No, I didn't have a heart attack."

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