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OTRC: Sean Parker: 'The Social Network' is 'fiction'

Sean Parker speaks at the DLD Conference 2011 in Munich in January 2011. / Justin Timberlake appears in a scene from 'The Social Network.' (youtube.com/user/KiTTGTR / Columbia Pictures)

Sean Parker, founder of MP3 program Napster and former president of Facebook, says "The Social Network" is "a complete work of fiction."

Parker, 31, is played by singer Justin Timberlake in the movie, which earned four Golden Globe Awards. In the film, he is depicted as a smooth-talking, party-loving womanizer who acts snippy toward Eduardo Saverin, a Facebook co-founder who engages in a legal battle with CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

"It's a complete work of fiction," Parker said at the recent DLD Conference 2011 in Germany. "I actually enjoyed watching it. The most frustrating thing about the film from my perspective is ... not the scene in the end where there is a party and drug use occurring. I kind of wish my life were that cool. I'm a geek from Silicon Valley. There are no Victoria's Secret models in Silicon Valley."

Zuckerberg has also dismissed "The Social Network" as "fiction."

"The part of the movie that frustrated me is actually the scene at the end where the character played by Justin Timberlake ... basically writes a check to Eduardo ... and throws it in his face and has security escort him out of the building," Parker added. "I mean, that's just rude. This guy in the movie is a morally reprehensible human being."

He also said he considered the real Saverin a friend and says he still interacts with him.

Parker did have some favorable things to say about "The Social Network." Director David Fincher, say said, was "a brilliant filmmaker."

"It's just a gorgeous film," Parker said. "It feels incredibly timely. It feels of the moment."

Check out a video of Sean Parker talking about "The Social Network' at the DLD Conference below.

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