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OTRC: Mr. Moviefone reviews 'Sanctum' and 'The Roommate'

Actors Richard Roxburgh and Rhys Wakefield are shown in the 2011 film, 'Sanctum.' (Universal Pictures)

There are certainly new movies in theaters-- that you can be sure of. But good movies? Don't hold your breath.

Speaking of holding your breath, executive producer James Cameron takes us back under water (where the only blue people are probably dead) for a story of ultimate survival in "Sanctum."

Based on true events, a team of adventurers are determined to be the first ever to map one of the deepest networks of underwater caves on earth. Their only option is to go deeper into the caves in hopes of finding another way out.

The Reel Deal: So to be clear, James Cameron didn't direct this. He was an executive producer, although the ads might lead you to believe otherwise. Watching "Sanctum" is kind of like being on a submarine ride. It's exciting and awesome at first, then it gets claustrophobic, then it's awful, and you just gotta get out. I'm out.

Even your worst college experience will seem like a Friday night frat party if you're unlucky enough to get paired with "The Roommate."

Leighton Meester plays a college co-ed who seems like the perfect roomie- fun and exciting. That is until she goes off her meds and starts trying to kill everybody so she can keep her new best friend (played by Minka Kelly) all to herself.

The Reel Deal: A movie about a psycho, possessive roommate is nothing new. Remember "Single White Female"? That was awesome. And since they wouldn't show "The Roommate" to critics, my guess is it's no "Single White Female," but just one bad movie. I'm out.

In limited release this weekend is the romantic dramedy, "Waiting For Forever," starring Rachel Bilson and "The Other Woman," in which Natalie Portman's character struggles to connect after stealing a married man, becoming a stepmother and losing a baby. Wow, that makes "Black Swan" look like a dance party. Plus, Halle Berry stars in a true story about a woman with split personalities in "Frankie and Alice."

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