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Ken launches campaign to win Barbie back

February 7, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
It sounds like it's all up to you, people of the world, to decide whether or not Ken and Barbie should get back together.

It was nearly seven years ago when Mattel delivered the shocking news: Ken and Barbie had moved from Malibu to Splitsville.

The world was aghast. But now there's hope.

Ken is mounting a nationwide campaign to win Barbie's heart back.

Ken is on Twitter. He's on Facebook. There are billboards up all throughout Southern California. He's on his knees trying to get the blonde-haired, plastic bombshell to come back to him.

Ken and Barbie had 43 years of history together before Blaine, the Australian surfer, came into the picture and stole Barbie's heart.

"There's something about the romanticism of the Australian," said Alhambra resident Tony Nunez. "They can take any man's woman away, even Barbie."

But should Ken be yearning for Barbie or should he move on?

Here's the advice America is giving him:

"He should go after her," said Donnie Marhefka of Hollywood. "She's hot. She's been around a while, but she's hot."

"Go out with Barbie, but make sure you have an agreement," said Bob Ambrose of Grand Rapids, Mich.

A prenuptial agreement?

"It's what I was thinking," Ambrose replied.

But if Ken can't get Barbie to come back, there are a lot of dolls out there.

"There are plenty of them. Here's one," said Sara Bergman who was visiting from Sweden. Grabbing her blonde hair, she was referring to herself.

Mattel, the maker of Ken and Barbie, released a statement Monday.

"Ken is on a mission to prove to Barbie that, while they are plastic, their love is real," the statement said. "We know Barbie is listening and this epic love story is far from over."