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Shed calories with fun, intense workout classes

April 11, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
Fitness experts try to stay on top of their game by mixing up your workout, so that your exercise time isn't wasted. We take a look at two crazy classes that promise to clobber calories while putting a smile on your face.

Two fitness classes with two very different ideas, both kicking calories to the curb. First up: Skatergie.

"So you'll actually learn how to ice skate while you're taking the class," said Jonathan DePaz, inventor of Skatergie. "With my background in ice skating, rollerblading and fitness, I've combined this cardio vascular workout- working the core, the abs, the glutes, the hamstrings."

DePaz, who used to be Aladdin in "Disney on Ice," wanted to combine the art of skating with fitness, which proves to be a heart-pumping power house of a workout, targeting areas women want to work.

"Ice skaters have amazing bodies. Just really lean and toned. Strong and muscle endurance and I thought that makes perfect sense," said DePaz.

A bonus to Skatergie's workout is that it isn't the standard linear concept you usually get.

"This is more of a multi-dimensional workout like ice skating or roller blading, where you get the versatility of all angles," said DePaz. "It combines plyometrics with sculpting with cardiovascular toning-- everything."

For the inner drummer in all of us, there's a class that has you beating out more than your aggression and tapping more than your toes.

"It works everything. Things you didn't even know you had," said Kirsten Potenza, co-creator of Pound.

In the workout Pound, you use rip sticks that drummers use, you beat the floor, the air and your leg, in a wide variety of movement.

"We're both drummers and we love to rock out and we figured why not transplant the fun and feeling of getting to drum into a workout," said Cristina Peerenboom, co-creator of Pound. "Instead of Pilates, where you're just pumping your arms, you use these bad boys to do a bunch of different movements."

Potenza was a college athlete and Peerenboom was a dancer. Both drummers know there's a lot more to banging a drum than using your arm.

"We like to say it's the Trojan horse of workouts. It sneaks in an 800 calorie fat-burning workout, 45 minutes," said Potenza. "There's also a little therapeutic aspect to it which is why we like drumming a little bit."

It's rare to see a girl jamming on sticks, but Pound provides that opportunity to do it in style.

These classes just launched at Crunch in Hollywood and are also offered at a few select gyms in Los Angeles.

If you would like to try a free week at Crunch to take Skatergie or Pound, they are offering a 7-day pass for KABC viewers. Simply click here and follow instructions.