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Osama Bin Laden reaction from slain soldier's family

May 2, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
One Santa Clarita family lost a loved one in the war in Afghanistan.

Rudy Acosta, 19, was tragically killed in Afghanistan in March. Monday morning his father, Dante Acosta, talked about his son's life as well as what Bin Laden's death means to the family.

Rudy Acosta spent kindergarten through 12th grade at Santa Clarita Christian School. From there he went right into the army. Its' only been six weeks since he was killed in Kandahar Province. The combat medic was shot to death by an Afghan contractor who walked onto the army base and opened fire.

"He came onto base with a loaded AK-47," said Dante Acosta. "Our guys are not armed for the most part on our bases."

A dozen troops were fired on and two did not survive, including Rudy Acosta. He had just completed a nine month tour but was asked to stay on for one last mission.

Dante Acosta said news of Bin Laden's death is great for our country and a definite moral boost for the men and women who are still serving. But questions began to enter his mind as President Barack Obama addressed the nation Sunday night.

"We heard the news last night, the emotions started flying a little bit," said Dante Acosta. "Because you start thinking what if it would have happened sooner, etcetera. But justice has been served. This was a mission and a goal that the country has had to capture Bin Laden or kill Bin Laden for many years."

Rudy Acosta was memorialized March 31 in Santa Clarita. His father proudly wears his son's dog tags around his neck. The one thing helping the family get through Rudy Acosta's death is their faith, knowing that he is in a better place.

"We relish that and it helps us get through every day," said Dante Acosta. "And that's what we are really focused on. But it was great news because it was something that we had to conquer that evil, and we had to get through that evil and be able to prevail there. But we still have a very tough mission going forward."

Monday, Rudy Acosta would have turned 20 years old. His family said they are honoring his memory by continuing to pray for the men and women who are still serving overseas.