Eyelash drug could lead to cure for baldness?


Long luscious lashes are every girl's dream. Of course some girls need some help.

Which is why they turn to Latisse, an FDA-approved drug used to help grow eyelashes. The question is if it works on the scalp.

That is what Floridian Dr. Alan Bauman is trying to find out. He started prescribing the drug for balding men

"Just like you would for your eyelashes, and that would be once a day, and you use a little bit, topically, on the scalp," said Bauman.

The drug seemed to stimulate client Richard Paduda's follicles for his head hair.

"It feels great," said Paduda. "I mean, you got some of my hair back. I was worried about losing it and it started coming back."

Bauman says he's seeing similar results in 70 percent of his clients.

There is an issue of cost: a month's supply of Latisse runs up to $150, and that's for about 400 eyelashes. The average male has 100,000 hairs on his head. So what about the price tag?

"When you are talking about hair growth: priceless," said Bauman.

He acknowledges there are limitations.

"This is not a miracle cure. This is mainly for patients who still have some thin wispy hair left," said Bauman.

Allergan, the company that makes Latisse, is looking for volunteers for a clinical trial. Testers will be men with moderate male-pattern baldness and women who have moderate female-pattern baldness.

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