'Dancing' stars lose weight, gain muscles


"I'm telling you, your body shrinking - your talent is huge," judge Bruno Tonioli said to Kirstie Alley after a performance.

The audience and the judges can't help but notice that Alley appears slimmer each week on the show. But her "secret weapon" isn't so secret.

"In this country, we have a problem, and we have really bad eating habits, and we don't have good working out habits," she said. "The great thing about dancing, anybody can do it."

Alley is not the only one who's seeing physique changes. Even professional football star Hines Ward has had to make some adjustments.

"I've shedded some pounds. We had to adjust my pants because in two days, my pants were a little too big," Ward said.

As for this week's leader Chelsa Kane, she's tipping the scale - the other way.

"I've actually gained five pounds," she said.

But Kane's weight gain is because she's gaining muscle mass.

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