Tips to keep your lawn looking great this spring


If it's more a weedy mess, then you have some work to do.

Most yards typically need just a little care, and that's become easier to do with today's advanced products.

"If you have just a spot in the yard that's giving you trouble, you can get a product at Home Depot called EZ Seed that's seed, mulch and starter fertilizer all in one," said Martha Parker, a garden expert at Home Depot. "All you have to do is sprinkle it in the spot and water it."

If all you have are some weeds and the grass isn't as green as you would like, a little fertilizer and spreader will do the job.

Bugs can be another reason your lawn is not the pride and joy of the neighborhood. There are plenty of products to take care of those nasty critters, just read all directions before using.

"If you have small kids that are out running in the lawn or pets that you're concerned about, you might want to go with the organic options to be totally safe," Parker said.

You should also get your lawnmower in order. Make sure the blades are sharp to get a good, clean cut. Then change the motor oil, spark plug and air filter. You'll get better gas mileage and it will run a lot smoother.

"In the summertime when you mow your lawn, you want to keep it kind of long because the shadows that the blades of grass cast on the ground actually help prevent moisture evaporation and protect your lawn from drying out," Parker said.

All in all, you can get your lawn looking its best for very little money. All the aforementioned will cost you less than $100. Just make sure you add a little labor of your own.

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