Dog concierge greets guests at Canadian hotel

CALGARY, Alberta

His name is Ben, he's a chocolate lab, and he's been working at the Sheraton Hotel in Calgary for more than two years.

Ben's official title is Canine Ambassador.

"[Ben] loves everybody, loves kids, loves other dogs, so he's very well-suited," said hotel marketing director Erin Richter. "We have a lot of regular guests that stay with us and they always ask if he's not in the lobby, 'Where's Ben? I want to see Ben!'"

While he can't help you get tickets to a show or dinner reservations like a human concierge, he's very popular with the guests.

"When I see him, I think it lowers my blood pressure," said one hotel guest. "I think he's sweet."

For guests who are missing their dogs at home, Ben is always available to go for a walk.

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