New high-tech gadgets to pamper your pets


More than 62 percent of households in America have a pet, and for most homes, that means a dog or a cat - or both.

"I don't have children so Lille is like a child, a fur child," said pet owner Barbara Babikian.

Lillie's just one of several pets that Babikian owns and likes to spoil, spending between $300 to $500 a month on them.

There are a whole new slew of cool products out there to pamper pets, including the world's first sound system for pets.

"It adjusts the levels for treble and bass so it's a soothing for your pet," said Charlotte Reed, pet trend and lifestyle expert.

Pet owners can also download an iPhone app called "Cat Toy" for cats to play with. Another device, Puppy Tweets, allows pets to move around and tweet during the day while you're at work, Reed explained.

Aiming to fine tune your animal's intelligence? Try a game that involves hiding treats, which helps bring out natural foraging instincts. If your pet is overweight, try purchasing a specialized bowl that helps regulate feeding.

And if you're tired of changing kitty litter, consider potty training your pet.

"There's a tray very similar to the surface of the litter box, so he'll jump on the seat, and then you'll gradually move the tray away," Reed said.

Potty training your cat helps you also to be eco-friendly. Another green trend is harnesses, sweaters and coats for pets made out of recycled goods.

"We're seeing beds now that are actually made so that you can take old clothing and stuff them inside the shell for dog bed," Reed said.

It's a comfort your pet will thank you for.

"It's nice to come home and get the comfort and relaxation from just a dog coming up and sitting on your lap and just comforting you, my own special therapy dog," Babikian said.

There are also a few new products out there with pet owners in mind, like furniture called Slobproof that claims to be impervious to stains and spills.

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