LAUSD officer in Woodland Hills shooting hoax indicted

VAN NUYS, Calif.

Jeff Stenroos, 30, pleaded not guilty in the Jan. 19 Woodland Hills incident. He claimed he was shot in the chest but survived because of a protective vest.

He gave a description of a supposed burglary suspect which led to eight schools being locked down for nearly six hours with no food and no bathroom breaks for students.

A week after the incident when Stenroos' story just wasn't adding up, the eight-year veteran of the force admitted to officials that his story was all a hoax.

Stenroos was arrested Jan. 27 on suspicion of filing a false police report and released on $20,000 bail just hours later.

His charges include filing a false report, preparing false documentary evidence, peace officer altering evidence, insurance fraud and workers' compensation fraud, and one misdemeanor count of falsely reporting an emergency.

Deputy District Attorney Paul Nunez told the judge that the city is seeking $361,289 in restitution and that the school district is seeking $58,000 in medical costs.

Stenroos, who has since been placed on administrative leave, could serve up to five years in state prison if convicted.

His next court appearance was scheduled for May 18.

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