Mother and son graduate from college on same day


Carmen Gomez dropped out of high school to raise a family. But education was important to her and she refused to give up.

After getting her high school diploma she started taking college classes, first at Cerritos College and eventually at the University of Southern California. She took one class a year until finally being able to graduate with the class of 2011.

"It's taken me 22 years to finish," said Carmen Gomez. "This is an awesome day. I encourage everybody to go back to school."

"I thought if my mom can do it, I can do it," said son Allen Gomez. "So I'm very proud of her today."

Carmen and Allen Gomez are the first mother and son pair to graduate together from the School of Policy, Planning and Development.

Carmen Gomez said that she now plans to get her master's degree.

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