Orange County woman wants pole dancing in 2012 Olympic Games


So could pole dancing become an Olympic event? It is a test of strength, stability and is definitely a workout.

"There are characteristics of strength training, flexibility training and then artistic components," said O.C. Pole Fitness Owner Collette Kakuk.

Kakuk founded the Pole Fitness Association. She's behind a movement to try to get pole dancing in the 2012 Olympic Games. So far she says they have more than 150,000 signatures to present to the International Olympic Committee.

"I don't think so, it is entertainment," said one Laguna Hills resident. "It's not a sport."

"The people that will be competing in the Olympics, don't underestimate where they would be coming from," said Kakuk. "They're coming from gymnastics. They're coming from years of ballet training."

"I think it's a bizarre sport," said Jacob Savage from Laguna Hills. "I guess they could do it."

But for some people getting past a certain image is hard.

"I think it's known to be something that exotic dancers do," said another Laguna Hills resident.

Kakuk admits pole dancing has different styles, including the one associated with strip clubs, but there's also the clean version.

"We have the style that is associated with athleticism," said Kakuk. "Competition merits, technical merits and artistry."

If you think pole dancing makes an unusual Olympic sport stranger things have made it into the games, such as tug of war or solo synchronized swimming. Those sports have since been discontinued from the games.

As for pole dancing in 2012, so far the IOC has not commented on the petition.

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