Joseph Gordon-Levitt is 'Hesher'


Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the title role in "Hesher." He's a "metal head" who, one day, moves in with a grieving family of strangers without being invited.

Joseph is known for tackling challenging roles, whether the film has a big budget or practically no budget.

"I'm always looking for the same thing," says Gordon-Levitt. "I just want to be inspired and tell a story I care about and whether than takes shape in a big movie like 'Inception' or in a small movie like 'Hesher.'

"A challenge is what makes it interesting and what makes it good, I think," says Gordon-Levitt. "If you're not going to rise to a challenge then you're not going to get up that extra juice and make it special."

In the film, Hesher makes a difference in the lives of several characters, including a lonely cashier played by Natalie Portman.

"Hesher" is comedic and dramatic and laced with some very abrupt, tough language.

"I think this movie is my favorite kind of movie because I don't want to be in the movie where everybody's like, 'Oh yeah, that was good,'" says Gordon-Levitt. "I want to be in the movie some people are like, 'I loved it!' and some people are like, 'I hated that. That was unacceptable!'"

"Hesher" is in limited release.

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