Hundreds march in LA's Peace in the Northeast


The march is organized to promote public safety and raise awareness about crime victims. The Los Angeles Police Department also participated in the march.

"My son was killed here in the streets of Los Angeles," participant Teresa Sandoval said. "I just want the hurt to stop."

This year, participants included the family of Bryan Stow, the San Francisco Giants fan who was beaten at Dodger Stadium.

''Do an act of violence or not, just hurting that person, you are literally hurting and victimizing the people who are associated with that person: family, friends, children. It has to stop," said Stow's sister, Bonnie Stow."

After seven weeks of intensive care at Los Angeles County - USC Medical Center, Stow's family says it plans to move him to a hospital in San Francisco on Monday where they can be closer.

"It's because of the community like Los Angeles that's helped us get through everything. They're like family," said Stow's mother, Ann Stow.

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