Cook healthy meals w/ 4 ingredients or less


Bermingham and McCosker both have three sons each.

"This is the reason why we wrote "Four Ingredients," to put great food on the table for these little guys," said Bermingham. "We thought, oh you know, we'll come up with a few recipes. Sure, we had about 75 between us."

With the help of friends they soon has a whole cookbook full of tried and true fast meals offering a good tasting, good for you theme, such as the creamy squash soup, which has squash, coconut milk, a little bit of red curry paste and cilantro.

For something sweet, you can try peanut butter cookies, which has peanut butter, egg, sugar and a little bit of cinnamon, said Bermingham.

Beyond the cookies and soup, Bermingham whipped up chicken enchiladas, avocado salsa, and a grilled asparagus appetizer.

For one frozen treat, Bermingham uses blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.

Bermingham likes whole food. The less processed the better, but don't be afraid to improvise with what you've already got.

"Four ingredients that you can find in your cupboard, at the local grocery store. You don't have to hop a boat to China to go and source them," said Bermingham.

Amazon has the book for under $13. And while she wants you to buy one , she's also sharing.

"If you go to our Facebook site which is Facebook/4ingredients, you'll find us. We have a free four-ingredient recipe every single day and you can share your recipes with us too," said Bermingham.

So it might be a nice choice for college kids, young couples, and even those who are culinary-challenged. You'll spend less time at the stove, less time at the sink, and because there's only four ingredients, you'll be spending less money.

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