Jamie McCourt requests to sell Dodgers immediately


Attorneys for /*Jamie McCourt*/, the former CEO of the Los Angeles /*Dodgers*/ who is embroiled in a bitter divorce with her husband, filed court documents with L.A. Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon to order the sale.

Gordon, who presided over the couple's divorce trial last year, set a June 22 date to hear arguments about a possible sale. There will be a fight - because Frank McCourt's side doesn't want to sell.

"That's not an option for Frank. We're not even thinking about a buyer because Frank does not want to sell the team," said Frank McCourt's attorney Sorrell Trope.

Jaime McCourt wants to sell the Dodgers because she is concerned that the team's value is being diminished by the ongoing court battle and she wants to sell it before it goes down any further.

Another concern is that /*Major League Baseball*/ and Commissioner Bud Selig may sell the team. If that happens, the McCourts would have no control of the asking price and no control of the negotiations.

"As I've said all along, my goal is to resolve this situation for my family in a way that also advances the best interests of the Dodgers fans, players and franchise. This motion will hopefully provide some momentum in the right direction," Jamie McCourt said in a statement Thursday.

As for /*Frank McCourt*/, he is counting on a $3 billion TV deal with Fox Sports to bring in much-needed cash for the team. Gordon is set to rule on the Fox deal also on June 22. Frank McCourt's attorneys said the team's money problems can be fixed if the team is allowed to complete that deal.

MLB has been running the Dodgers since the league took over franchise operations a few weeks ago after Frank McCourt was reportedly having trouble paying his players.

Former Texas Rangers President Tom Schieffer was appointed in April by Selig to review the Dodgers' finances.

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