Cool Kid helps young minds flourish


"We help them to change and develop from their old ways when they come here as foster children," said Zoey. "Seeing their whole transformation is really amazing."

Whether it's reading to them or teaching them something new, Zoey wants to encourage kids.

"Once they see them making progress, like, 'oh I succeed at this,' then they can move on to the next thing. Just little minor steps that keep that spark of hope in them to keep them going," she said.

It appears that Zoey is perfectly suited for her work with children. Cyretta Jordan, owner and director of CJ's Dollhouse says Zoey is very giving and patient.

"[She's] just very pleasant to be around. And everyone that meets her [says], 'God, that's a great kid,'" said Jordan.

Zoey knows that when she teaches them an important lesson now it will affect their lives in the future.

"To have respect for themselves because once they have respect for themselves, then they'll do anything, anything that they set their minds to," she said.

For young children needing a mentor, teacher and friend, we have our /*Cool Kid*/ Zoey Hodge.

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