Penelope Cruz was thrilled to play female pirate in 'On Stranger Tides'


For her role in "On Stranger Tides," she gets to swashbuckle with the best of them. She said she was thrilled to play a female pirate alongside /*Johnny Depp*/'s Captain Jack Sparrow.

"This is the biggest movie I have done and it was really interesting to see, to really pay attention to how these types of movies get made," said Cruz. "It's a great privileged because not a lot of these movies are made anymore, just a few and maybe it's going to be less and less. I love [that] I've been able to be a part of one."

And with that big budget blockbuster status came lots of exotic locations, primarily focused in Hawaii.

"I love Kauai. Kauai is so beautiful. We shot at a lot of those beaches that are so wild and beautiful," said Cruz. "I would love to go there to work again, to spend a long time."

But for the meantime, Cruz is focusing on her newest and most important role... motherhood.

"I think you learn day by day. But for the last few years I haven't been working non-stop, I do like one or sometimes two movies a year and now it's maybe going to be even less," said Cruz.

Disney's "/*Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides*/" is in theaters on Friday, May 20.

Disney is the parent company of ABC7.

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