Ventura thieves drilling car tanks for gas


Auto shop owner Anderson Christiansen says two weeks ago thieves drilled holes in the gas tanks of two of his customers' cars parked outside of his automotive shop overnight.

With gas prices well over $4 per gallon, Ventura Police say since May 1 there's been a rash of bandits drilling holes in tanks and stealing gas.

"We've had about 10 different incidents within the city of Ventura, but in each one of those incidents there are multiple vehicles, so we estimate between 20 to 30 vehicles so far have had their gas stolen through that technique," said Ventura Police Commander David Wilson.

So where are these bold and brazen attacks on your gas tank happening? Ventura Police say it's not your driveway, in your neighborhood, in your residential area. Police say the bandits are targeting cars parked during late evening or overnight in light industrial commercial areas of Ventura, areas where there's little chance of being caught.

Christiansen says the holes drilled in tanks have to be replaced and that costs a lot of money.

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