Cool Kid brings fashion, design to students


The aspiring designer is part of the /*El Segundo High School*/ FIDM Fashion Club. She helps bring the world of fashion to the /*Richstone Family Center*/ in Hawthorne.

"They're underprivileged children. They're wonderful kids," said Mariesa. "They're so sweet, they're nice, they're fun. They're just regular kids. They just don't have the same things other kids have. I really just wanted to go there and make them smile."

She shows these kids everything from design to walking the runway.

"We really wanted them to explore other options of what they can do in life, not just end up on the streets, how a lot of kids do in areas that are bad," said Mariesa.

Working with the /*Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising*/, Mariesa brings creativity to her work and her time with the kids.

"She has a passion that's burning. I think that some of the best things come from that kind of passion," said Pamela Wilson, the club's advisor. "I also think there's a lot of empathy. I think Mariesa really feels for the students and felt emotionally connected to them."

Mariesa has a clear plan for her career, whether it's designing clothes or working with models.

"I'll be attending FIDM in July and I'll be going there for the first two years and hopefully go back for the third year, which is for advanced students, and hopefully chosen for the top 10 to be in a fashion show," she said.

Mariesa Franco creates new looks and helps students see new ideas. That makes her our /*Cool Kid*/.

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