Visually impaired kids continue to beat odds


"They say they are never going to walk," said parent Priscilla Miranda. "You come down and they are walking down the hallway and you just cry."

For the first time ever the privately funded Blind Children's Center is graduating a second grade class. The kids are now prepared to attend public school.

Among the standouts is Angela Marquez who's been a student since she was six months old.

"Initially she wouldn't talk to children," said Executive Director Midge Horton from the Blind Children's Center. "She didn't talk to people. She didn't want people to touch her. She had other issues, walked with a walker, and as you see now, here she is, kind of the leader of the pack."

Marquez showed off her brail reading skills and nailed virtually every word. And she typed a letter on a specially designed typewriter that read: "Thank you for coming for graduation. Today I am so happy to see you."

The entire school put on a musical performance and all came dressed for the occasion. To close it all out, Marquez sang the lead.

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