Attempted carjacking ends hair-raising police pursuit


Police have arrested 22-year-old Jonathan Lee of Murrieta. The pursuit began in the Silver Lake area shortly before 5 p.m. and last for approximately an hour.

Authorities say Lee was driving an SUV at speeds reaching 80 mph in residential areas. He clipped at least one vehicle in traffic and narrowly missed pedestrians.

Police say Lee bailed out of the vehicle in Hollywood while it was still rolling near the intersection of Willoughby and Wilcox avenues. He opened the passenger door of an SUV and attempted to carjack a woman with a child. As Lee got in the vehicle, officers threw him to the ground and arrested him.

The female driver of the SUV jumped out of the car and went into the back seat to retrieve a child.

"I live right down the street," said victim Lisa McAdam. "Completely stunned. I just heard all the cops coming and I looked to see where they were going. And then all of a sudden my door opened and a guy jumped in my car."

The stolen SUV continued rolling and crashed on a sidewalk. Lee has been booked with attempted carjacking.

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