Camaro Convertible begs for SoCal sunshine


The recent rebirth of the Chevrolet Camaro has gone hand-in-hand with the rebirth of General Motors. Now, it's time for the Camaro to drop its top and have some fun.

Just in time for summer and just in time to do showroom battle with Ford's Mustang, the Camaro Convertible will broaden the appeal of Chevy's retro-styled muscle car.

Like most modern convertibles, the flip of a latch and the push of a button set the top in motion to create an open car in about 20 seconds.

And like the Camaro Coupe, the open version has styling that's part late 1960s and part modern. That combination carries over to the inside as well.

A fully loaded SS Model with big V8 power will set you back $42,000. But the base V6 works just fine starting at about $30,000 and will still catch most everyone's eye.

Millions of eyes will be on the Camaro Convertible as it paces at the Indianapolis 500. It's the seventh time a Camaro has had the honor.

In the transformation to convertible, one of the Camaro's few flaws has been solved, that is, blind spots to the rear when you're changing lanes, parallel parking or just backing up. The solution to that problem is to drive with the top down.

When the top is up, small windows and small mirrors combine to make backing a challenge. A rear-view camera would help, but it's not on the options list. Rear parking sensors are standard, however.

The other downside is that the back seat is really only big enough for children or small adults.

But none of that matters when the sun is beaming down, the breeze is blowing through and that engine is singing in your ear.

Life just always seems a bit better in a convertible.

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