Typhoon on way to Japan weakening in strength


The storm was expected to pass to the south of Japan and miss the crippled nuclear plant.

Meantime, the system to cool one of the damaged reactors at the plant has stopped working.

The plant's operator said workers have started to repair the cooling facility and hoped to restore the system within several hours.

Officials said the breakdown of the cooling system wouldn't lead to a rapid rise in temperatures at the reactor and fuel pool.

The towering waves unleashed by the magnitude-9.0 earthquake on March 11 destroyed backup generators for several reactors' cooling systems, and nuclear fuel in three reactors melted in the worst such crisis since Chernobyl. Workers have yet to bring the plant under control more than two months later.

Meanwhile, a benefit concert was held in downtown Los Angeles Saturday to support the tsunami and earthquake victims.

ABC7 anchor David Ono was master of ceremonies for Asia America Symphony Association's Japan Relief concert, held at the Japanese American Community and Cultural Center.

The Asia America Symphony Orchestra and the Asia America Youth Orchestra were among the performers.

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