LA volunteer returns from tornado-ravaged Mo.


Rachael Tice was in St. Louis when the tornado hit Joplin, Mo.

"It was very strange to be in the thick of it," Tice said. "You're down there to help clean up one that happened a month prior."

She, along with other volunteers from the non-profit All Hands organization, headed down into the basement and prepared for the worst.

"My family was really scared, but we had a safe place to hide," she said. "There were a lot of cinder block buildings around and we were just scared."

Tice said during her nearly two-week stay rebuilding homes damaged from a tornado in St. Louis in April, she twice experienced severe thunderstorms, as well as hail the size of softballs.

Tice said it was a very rewarding experience and plans to use her vacation time to go back and finish the work they were doing.

If you would like to donate to the relief efforts to help the victims of the massive tornadoes, including the ones that struck Joplin, Missouri, click here.

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