Dodger beating suspect takes lie detector tests


Giovanni Ramirez took the second of two polygraph tests in two days Wednesday. He took one Tuesday in his jail cell, administrated by his legal team. Wednesday's afternoon test was administrated by the LAPD's polygraph team. Both sides are not saying what the results are.

The LAPD is confident they have the right man in custody in connection to the Dodger Stadium beating. His defense team contends they are trying to free an innocent man.

Ramirez was brought to Parker Center to take Wednesday's polygraph test.

"Even when we find out the results from LAPD, our agreement -- and I'm sure this is going to disappoint everybody, but this is our agreement with LAPD and the district attorney's office is we're not going to announce them," said one of Ramirez's attorneys, Anthony Brooklier.

Ramirez's defense team contest their client wasn't at Dodger Stadium on opening day.

Bryan Stow, a Northern California paramedic and Giants fan, was severely beaten in the Dodger Stadium parking lot after the Giants-Dodgers season opener. Ramirez's legal team says he was with his daughter babysitting her and spending time with his girlfriend in the area of Vermont and the 110 Freeway at the time of the game.

"This is just a piece of the puzzle to paint the ultimate picture of freedom for our client," said Jose Romero, one of Ramirez's attorneys.

Is Ramirez a suspect in an attempted murder case near Las Vegas? Henderson Police in Nevada are reportedly looking at Ramirez as a possible suspect in a January shooting. Police are still investigating the case and looking for suspects.

Ramirez has family in Henderson, Nev. He had a daughter who died in 2006. That case, according to a source in Ramirez's legal team says that case remains an open investigation.

Ramirez was in jail at the time of his daughter's 2006 death.

"I will say that in regards to the case at hand, it has no relevance," said attorney Romero. "I mean we're talking about something that happened in the past. It has no relation to the Dodger beating."

The Los Angeles district attorney has not filed charges against Giovanni Ramirez.

Ramirez is due in court by the end of next week. He is currently being held on a parole violation hold and according to protocol, he has a probable cause hearing next week for the Nevada case.

Police have not yet identified a second attacker and a woman suspected of driving the pair from the scene. Anyone with information about the case is urged to call (877) LAPD-24-7.

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