Cool Kid helps to open young minds through reading


"They run to the book, they grab it, you know that they've been wanting that book for a long time. And that's really what's best about it," said Max.

The junior at Calabasas High School founded CHS Cares. He wants to make sure these kids feel special and important.

"That's where I feel a lot of satisfaction because it's obvious that they might not get what they want all the time, so to have that day where they kind of get to choose the book that they want, I think it's cool for them," he said.

In addition to being a day of fun, Max sees this as a way to address the serious problem of childhood literacy.

"There are kids that should be reading at a third grade level that are still reading at a kindergarten level. And that's what kind of drives you, that's not where we want our society going," he said.

The kids get books for themselves and another book for someone they love.

"So they get their book and they get to give a gift to their brother or sister that night. It just kind of is building a library at their house where they really get to read, while as before they never had that opportunity," said Max.

Reading can open the world to eager young minds, and Cool Kid Max Levinson is giving them the key.

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