Study says hiring private security at LAX would save millions


The Transportation Security Administration currently conducts screening at LAX, unlike San Francisco and other airports that have opted out of the federal program.

A study released by Republican congressman and chairman of the House Transportation Committee John Mica says TSA at LAX costs taxpayers nearly $39 million more per year than privately employed screeners who work under federal supervision at San Francisco International Airport.

Mica argues that privately employed screeners would save the government money at a time when the budget is tight.

But are private screening contracts cost effective? The TSA says no and privatized screening isn't the best way to keep the traveling public safe.

"The best estimates continue to show that private screening contracts cost tax payers more on average," The TSA said in a statement. "TSA's capacity to push out intelligence information to our frontline workforce and quickly change procedures based on threat and intelligence is paramount to effective security. Further expansion of privatized screening will increase the complexity of this process."

Some passengers at LAX agree, saying they wouldn't feel safe if airport screeners were contracted out to private companies like they were prior to Sept. 11.

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