History book causing controversy in Solana Beach


Three men have come forward to protest the book, saying it goes out of its way to portray Islam in a positive light. They say the book is full of distortions, omissions and falsehoods.

"If the school's going to bother to teach about Islam, they should do it as history is, according to the facts. If they want to romanticize it, they can put it in fairy tales," said Michael Hayutin, a textbook critic.

Hayutin and his colleagues say there are 22 errors in the book, everything from the meaning of Jihad to polygamy to slavery in Islam.

Islamic scholars are now accusing the men of having an anti-Islam agenda.

"I honestly think that they are using this world history issue as a pretext to malign and discredit Islam and Muslims," said Tehseen Lazzouni, a Muslim scholar.

The textbook is currently under review by the state Board of Education.

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