LAUSD considers ban on flavored milk


Superintendent /*John Deasy*/ said he's planning to ask the school board to eliminate the flavored milk from its next dairy contract. The current contract expires June 30th.

Deasy said even if the flavored milk is non-fat, it packs as many calories as soda. Plain white milk could be served with the 650,000 meals handed out each day.

However, not everyone believes it's a good idea.

Dr. James Rippe, a nationally known doctor who has done research on diet and health in children, says eliminating flavored milk from a child's daily school diet could do more damage than good.

"A lot of people have the misconception that flavored milk contributes to childhood obesity," he said. "The flavorings make the milk more appealing to children and that helps them increase the amount of calcium and Vitamin D in their diet, and those are so essential to building strong bones.

LAUSD says 60 percent of their students' daily milk intake comes from flavored milk.

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