Crews fill 23K potholes across Los Angeles


As part of "Operation Pothole," crews were out in force working around the clock over the weekend to repave the streets. They filled about 23,000 potholes, but some say that doesn't even come close to what is needed.

Los Angeles /*Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa*/ repaired several potholes in Van Nuys Monday morning. It was an update on the progress of "Operation Pothole." The mayor said potholes are among the top complaints to the city.

Some drivers say the potholes are enormous and the problem appears to be getting worse.

"When you drive, you can't even see the potholes until you hit it," said Juanita Anderson of /*South Los Angeles*/.

That's why the city is trying to repair a large number of potholes in a short time. The mayor said they were able to include enough money in the budget to repair 300,000 potholes.

"In addition to pothole repair, we'll be repairing this year more streets than deteriorate for only the second time since 1945," said Villaraigosa.

But officials admit these repairs are still just a Band-Aid. They said the roads are in very bad shape and need a major overhaul.

"Historically, the street system has been neglected. We're talking about decades of neglecting the right maintenance in order to properly maintain the streets," said Nazario Sauceda of the Department of Public Works.

"Operation Pothole" is still under way. City officials asked the public to call 311 to report any potholes. The plan is to start fixing them before they get worse.

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