Santa Ana student videotaped men using restroom


Police say that the suspect worked as a paid intern for the Santa Ana Public Works Department. Most of the alleged incidents occurred at the City Hall on the third floor in the men's restroom.

Miguel Fabian, 24, was arrested Friday afternoon after a male victim allegedly caught Fabian shooting video on his cell phone as the victim used the public bathroom. The victim grabbed the phone from underneath the stall.

Police allege that the victim recognized himself and several other people on the cell phone video. He detained Fabian, who he happened to work with.

Police say Fabian, a Santa Ana resident, admitted he started shooting video of men while they were going to the bathroom since December. The videos took place at restrooms at City Jall on the west side of Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley, and the library at Cal Poly Pomona.

Police say there were more than 60 videos on his cell phone and have identified 22 victims so far. They are concerned that there may be more potential victims.

"We have confiscated his work computer as well as his home computer," said Cpl. Anthony Bertagna from Santa Ana Police Department. "Those have been sent to the computer forensics lab for analysis. We want to know if there is additional cases. We want to know if there's any child pornography. We want to know if there is any pornography. We want to know if in fact he sent these to himself or to the internet."

The FBI is going through Fabian's work and home computers. He has been terminated from his position at the city.

At this point Fabian is facing 60 misdemeanor counts. However if he texted the emails to himself or other people, he could be facing felony charges.

If you have any information related to this case, contact Santa Ana Police at (714) 245-8400.

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