Nintendo unveils new Wii U at E3 expo in LA


The biggest video game companies from around the world, like Electronic Arts and Microsoft, showed off all their latest bells and whistles at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

But all the bright lights and big noise doesn't mean a thing without some big announcements. And there certainly was one.

On display at Nintendo's one-acre floor space was the Wii U, a new system with a tablet-sized controller.

"It functions like a traditional controller, but it also has a 6.2-inch screen built right inside of it," said Cindy Gordon of Nintendo.

Nintendo has working prototypes on display at E3 for a hands-on experience.

It also released video showing the Wii U controller being used for golf games fused to a shooter attachment.

Nintendo says the controller can also serve as a secondary Web browser, a video chat tool and even as a scale, so gamers can weigh themselves.

"It will be backward compatible," Gordon said. "It will work with all your Wii devices."

Nintendo hasn't said how much it will charge for the new Wii U. Gamers will also have to wait a wee bit longer before one hits stores. It's set to be released sometime after April 2012.

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