Experience Los Angeles with biking, hiking tours


Founder and guide Danny Roman created Bikes and Hikes L.A. when he returned from his travels and realized the bike and hike tours he fell in love with were not available in Southern California.

"We do bike tours, we do hiking tours, we do biking and hiking tours," Roman said. "We also have a bike and sail tour."

The tours can accommodate one person or large groups celebrating birthdays and first dates or hosting a guest from out of town. The positive response to Bikes and Hikes keeps on growing.

"It's been wonderful," said Roman.

I visited the Bikes and Hikes office, located in West Hollywood, eager to hit the road! I spent just a few minutes signing a release form and getting fitted with the proper riding tools. Bikes and Hikes provides the bike, the helmet, even a bottle of water and a snack. All you have to bring is your sunscreen, and we're good to go!

On this visit, Roman guided several bicyclists on the most popular trek so far, the "LA In A Day" tour.

"It's a 32-mile bike tour with lots of stops, lots of break. It just opens your eyes. You get to see the city in a whole new way," said Roman.

Casually pedaling through various neighborhoods, the clients were smiling ear-to-ear. It's the best way to enjoy local gems and scenic landscapes.

Roman led the bikers to a special-looking house in the Beverly Hills area, which really stood out. After brief comments about the history of the locally famous home, which has been featured in several films and television shows, members of his bike tour seem really engaged.

"Is it made out of candy?" said one person.

As the bike tour continued west, pedaling closer and closer to the coast, participants soaked up the sunshine and fresh air.

"I love being outside and traveling, and this is a great way to be outside and travel and see the city," said one of the bicyclists, a grad student out of the University of California, Los Angeles.

The tour group continued taking in gorgeous views, such as the historical Santa Monica pier alongside the Pacific Ocean, onward toward the unique neighborhoods of Abbot Kinney and Venice.

"These are the Venice canals and that's how Venice got its name," Roman continued to provide local folklore as his group biked along the brightly colored kayaks and birds surrounding the famous waterways.

Providing plenty to view, the group decided that visiting these locations on two wheels is a lot more up close and personal.

"It's great! I was really surprised, because it was so easy to get out to the beach on a bike," said one bicyclist.

The group cheered loudly in unison, before taking a break at Hugo's in Abbot Kinney to enjoy a large delicious lunch- a well-deserved rest stop before the cyclists once again strapped on their helmets and hopped onto their bicycles to return to the West Hollywood office.

I definitely want to return within the next few weeks to experience the other remaining Bikes and Hikes tours as well!

Bikes and Hikes L.A. is located at:

8743 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(323) 796-8555
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