Thieves target baby strollers in downtown LA


The women were caught on surveillance video. One suspect is seen distracting the victim, while the other suspect grabs the wallet.

According to LAPD Lt. Paul Vernon, there has been a rise in this type of theft, and authorities are warning the public to be aware.

"They take advantage of people's own naiveté about crime," said Vernon. "They don't expect to be a victim of crime. This woman didn't expect to be a victim of crime. Otherwise she wouldn't have left her purse open on the back of her stroller."

Vernon said police are concerned because the victim's child was so close during the crime.

"Imagine a thief reaching into a stroller to take a purse, and the strap becomes tangled with the child as the thief tries to run away," said Vernon.

One of the robberies happened during the middle of the day Saturday afternoon along the 500 block of South Los Angeles Street. But police emphasize that this could happen anywhere.

Police believe the two women are responsible for about six thefts from strollers over the last six weeks.

The suspects were described as middle-aged Hispanic women. Anyone with information is urged to call 877-LAPD-24-7.

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