'Super 8' actors try their hand at writing, directing


"Super 8" focuses on a group of young teens making their own home spun zombie movie. While making the movie, their camera captures a massive train wreck.

The wreck unleashed something that is mysterious, sinister and life changing for the entire town.

One aspect of "Super 8" features a movie within the movie, and the child actors actually got to help write it.

"We got to set up the shots, the angles, we got to write all the cheesy lines," said /*Riley Griffiths*/.

Griffiths said Abrams gave the young actors an opportunity to see the other side of filmmaking.

"It was amazing. They had the "Super 8" camera there, and they filmed with the "Super 8" camera, and whenever we had breaks between the real movie, 'Super 8,' we would write the script for 'The Case,'" said /*Elle Fanning*/.

"We felt so proud, you know. It was fun to have that part of the movie, so you have to stay for the credits to see it," she said.

"Super 8" is rated PG and is in theaters Friday.

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