Job fair in Van Nuys to help out veterans

VAN NUYS, Calif.

Veterans are hoping to find the next step at a job fair in Van Nuys.

"I'm kind of doing the job as a house dad," said veteran Brandon Prince. "I've been just kind of living off my savings right now, but that's why I'm here, to try to find a job. Hopefully it works out."

"When they come back, we need to take care of our veterans," said Congressman Brad Sherman from Sherman Oaks. "What veterans need- health care, jobs, that's what this facility is all about. That's what this event is all about."

Young veterans returning from the Middle East have had a harder time finding work. But many at the job fair say that's just because they don't know their options.

"A lot of veterans do not know about their benefits, their entitlements, things that are rated to them, which is very, very unfortunate," said veteran Megan Morse who was injured in Iraq. "I get a lot of World War II and Korea vets who come in my door and go, 'I didn't know, nobody told me.' That's a big hole in the system that needs to be fixed."

The Veterans Affairs says free health exams, resume help, and even a little luxury is a start. But most importantly are 50 employers who want to hire those who served their country.

"They're a trained workforce," said Time Warner Cable Director Jim Shaw, who is also a veteran. "They're used to working as a team, great camaraderie, discipline to the job and they've just really worked out well for us in the past."

And now hundreds of service men and women will hope they will work at all.

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