What's Bugging You? Early morning construction


A viewer sent amateur video of the construction on Fair Oaks Avenue in South Pasadena to complain that workers start too early in the morning.

Crews were out at 6:19 a.m., even though a South Pasadena ordinance says construction work can't start before 8 a.m.

"It's very difficult," said resident Tamara Kelley. "The people over here are having a very a hard time with it."

"You know it is a public project," said South Pasadena Assistant City Manager Sergio Gonzalez. "The city has the discretion to amend that time. And again we are trying to do a balancing act. Not starting too early, not upsetting those who reside close to the project limits as far as where they live."

Gonzalez understands it's been a tough project. For months Fair Oaks Avenue was torn up and lanes were shut down.

"We're starting a little bit earlier," said Gonzalez. "And also allowing them to work at night and on the weekends so we can reduce the interruption as much as possible. We are stressing patience."

Forty thousand cars a day use Fair Oaks Avenue. It is a major thoroughfare and these changes are supposed to make the drive easier, as well as make it easier for pedestrians. But it hasn't been so easy for businesses.

"For the first couple of weeks we had no business," said business owner Gail Dragna. "No business whatsoever because no one could get here."

Dragna owns the pet store Pets Delight. She worries that some customers may never return.

"People they're creatures of habit," said Dragna. "And once they see what's going on here, it takes them so long to get down the street they don't want to deal with it."

"I was kind of wondering too if they could have done it in segments," said Kelley. "Maybe it wouldn't be so hard on people around here."

"The combination of dollars and time," said Gonzalez. "It would cost three times more if we have done it in stages, and we don't have those funds. And it would probably last three times as long."

The project should be completed by the end of July. City officials say anyone affected by the noise or the congestion should call the South Pasadena City Hall.

Remember if it's bugging you, it's probably bugging a lot of people. So, keep telling us about it.

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